Friday, April 11, 2008

Drifting seaward

We made our way down the windy gulley that is now Queen St towards Khartoum Place, once destribed as 'a sunny nook where we took our fill of pigeon, potatoe and fresh running water'. The abundance of food was a little more protected now as the local restranteur tried very hard to move us on. Perhaps he could see how hungry we were.

The dapled light of the courtyard reveals the truth in the hanging banner, not far from art Regis Macfleebin is pictured here demonstrating an appropriate positioning for such activity.

And furthermore to conceil one's own involvement in such activity the troupe demonstrate the stance of denial (or self-innocence)

A bad omen for things to come perhaps. Lighting always strikes twice!

Gentie Crewdaughter offers advice to the dog handler whose whistled comands appear to elicite no response.

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